Diane Guntrip

Dear H Twelve year old Amanda describes herself in her diary as being 'fat and frumpy'.  She has to contend with bullying on a daily basis, from the 'ice-cold and calculating' Cassandra and her gang. She spends her days at St Ursula's College  frightened, lone...


Diane GuntripDiane Guntrip is an English-born Australian author of three books for young people. For the majority of her working life, she has been a teacher, first a Textile Specialist in the UK and a primary school teacher in Perth, Western Australia. She has now retired and has turned to writing and presenting workshops based upon her books.'Dear H' was published in 2014. It is a diary written by 12 year old Amanda and aimed at an audience of ten years and over. This was followed by the sequel, 'The Daisy Chain', also a diary which is suitable for 12-year- olds and over. Then came, 'Tilly's Story' which is a spin-off from 'The Daisy Chain' but also a stand-alone book. Due to subject matter, it is suitable for 15 years and over.All of Diane's books contain subject matter which is important to tweens and teens, such as bullying, body positivity, depression, self-esteem and the third book, grief and an unexpected pregnancy. St Celia's Academy of Music features in all of the books. The books are EMPOWERING and ESSENTIAL READING!Diane has presented workshops based on her books in Perth as well as in the UK. She has also been interviewed on radio and web TV in many places including WA, UK and the USA.Apart from writing, her interests include jewellery design, travel, dogs, reading, music, gardening, yoga, fashion and meeting friends for coffee.Diane hopes you enjoy her books and welcomes any feedback.www.dianeguntrip.com

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