Tessa Barrie

Just Say It Meet Lisa Grant, turning 40 - broke and alone and living in rural Gloucestershire. To avoid a midlife crisis, she addresses the problem that has been with her for the past 40 years: her rocky relationship with her narcissistic mother, Elizabeth.When Lisa G...
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Tessa Barrie is the alter ego of Sally Edmondson. She co-authored Brian Trubshaw - Test Pilot in 1998 and assisted the late Brian Trubshaw with his second book, Concorde - The Inside Story, published in 2000.Born in Harrogate on the UK Mainland, she is fiercely proud of her Yorkshire heritage, despite living on the British Channel Island of Jersey since 1981.'Incorporating humour into my writing is very important to me. Life can be complicated, frustrating and all too often tragic, and the world would be dismal without it. So I aim to capture the fragility of human emotion and coat it with humour - it doesn't take away the anguish but makes it more bearable.'Tessa hopes her second novel, The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook, will be released in 2022.

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