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Sezgin Ismailov (born 22, 1970), professionally known as Sez Gin, is a Turkish - Bulgarian businessman and author. Currently, he serves as the CEO of two of his firms - Info Ltd., a real estate company, and BG Invest, an investing firm. Ismailov is also an up-and-coming author who has been published by Tredition GmbH HamburgAfter his graduation, Ismailov started his entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of a private coffee aperitif .In 1996, Ismailov established INFO Ltd. with a partner, a Bulgarian real estate agency which under his leadership has become the city’s most prominent company. In 2007, Ismailov started his second venture, BG Invest Company. Two years later, Ismailov also began publishing a regional newspaper which was active for three years.In 2019, Ismailov wrote his first book titled MANNERS IN THE GREAT KINGDOM, and then a year later, his second book titled The Wealth of the Great Kingdom.[4] In 2021, Ismailov’s third book came into existence, titled The Heir to the Dynasty. His books have been published in both English and German under the pen name SezGin by Tredition GmbH Hamburg.Ismailov is married to Nesrin Ismailova and they have two children named Dilyara and Harika. In 2016 Ismailov moved to Germany with his wife and kids. He is fluent in Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, and German. He is also passionate about reading books and buying dividend stocks. Gold Author in the Self Improvement category.  At the Golden Pencil Awards 2023 Turkiye

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