J W Nelson

Pentagon Pirate Gang; The Secret of the Orchard Do you want know the secrets of the Orchard? Five students enter a summer camp in the middle of the deep wooded Sherwood Forest at the School of Fruit Teaching, to find the answer. What they find will change their lives for...


J W Nelson was born in Birmingham, England on the same day as his mother and is one of six children (the youngest boy), born in England’s second biggest city, Birmingham. He has enjoyed writing since he was ten years old and his stories were often read out to the class in English at school. Since then he has have continued to write for the enjoyment of it, whether it was lyrics for songs, poems. He attempts to dedicate time to writing full-length manuscripts although being married with two teen children can get in the way! Writing is a long time passion leading to a several self-published books. One of Poetry on Amazon (e-book ‘Poems for the Festive Season’), an adult Rom-com Drama (Company of Fools – on amazon E-book and paperback) and the first book in the mid-grade/YA series entitled; Pentagon Pirate Gang; The Secret of the Orchard (e-book, paperback, online and in shops). He also has a couple of unpublished younger children picture books (age 3-7 poetry based ) one of which is called ‘Little Boy Hood’ (seeking publication/representation/illustrations).Outside his demanding job, being a father and husband and writing, he partakes in partner dancing (ballroom/Salsa style), DJing , trying to keep fit and operates as a qualified football coach.

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