The Orphaned Soldier


I am the Author of the Autobiography, “The Orphaned Soldier” a story of a child placed into care under the banner of the church in 1958.

Over 11 years I would suffer atrocities, beatings and humiliation living a life deeply damaged by those who should have been there to protect and allow my life to grow and flourish. After 50 years of trying to seek answers, those acts by members of the church were finally acknowledged in writing and through a mediation meeting with a personal letter of apologies for the crimes committed against me and so many other children.

The sole survivor of my generation I would reunite with my biological mother only to live a life of abuse and hell which would see me being cast to the side, homeless at 14 years of age. After a further 5 years of struggling to gain some recognition, respect, and education as a human, I would join the service, gain a higher-level education, and become a member of a team of 64 highly trained elite service personnel. Retiring years later I would become an elite trainer for athletes within all codes of sports as high as international level. Along with this I would become highly recognized as an athlete winning over 29, state–national and international titles.

“The Orphaned Soldier” has been reviewed by notable readers around Australia and has been said that this is a story in the makings of a world-class movie. A story the world needs to know the truth about. For many years writers and journalists have openly discussed or written stories of the fate of those orphaned children under the care of the church but, they have never written the truth from the words of a survivor who did live those years. I child who had his dignity stripped, his life filled with lost moments in time to be replaced with pain, shame, and hardships.

This book and journey exceed the truths written by unknown writers so that for the first time in history the impact of those moments in time are shared for the world to finally read and accept that, “yes” this did happen by the church and to children living day by day afraid as tears run down our faces knowing we would be a victim in time.

I truly believe this is a movie in waiting, one that will bring to light the truth for the first time to the world. I have been looking for advice, direction, and support to pitch this amazing Autobiography to a film producer and sponsor.

I did originally write the story under the heading… “Behind Closed Doors” changing the title at the last moment to reflect both my childhood years and adulthood journeys.




MOVIE TITLE: The Orphaned Soldier by Australian Author Daryl Te’Nadii

Author: Daryl Te’Nadii

LOGLINE: A powerful true story of one boy's fight to survive across 2 countries

GENRE: Drama

SECTION: Movie or Series

TARGET AUDIENCE: Male 18+ - Female 18+ - Male & Female 16 years plus under parental guidance


"Tears ran down my face as I knelt beside my bed, clasping my 6-year-old hands together, trembling in fear-praying they wouldn't come to get me.

In Australia, they were known as the 'Stolen Generation'— Indigenous children callously and forcibly removed from their families between 1910 and 1970.

In New Zealand, another atrocity was unfolding behind closed doors. We were known as the 'Lost and Unwanted Generation'. We were orphans, unwanted by our families and left in the hands of The Salvation Army to care for us. From the outside, everything looked normal but, behind the closed doors of the orphanages, we lived a life of horror many wouldn’t survive.”


In New Zealand, between six and eight thousand children were placed in Orphanages. Daryl Te’Nadii and 2 older brothers he didn’t even know he had, were among hundreds going through hell on earth most couldn’t imagine behind the doors of The Salvation Army’s Hodderville Boys Home in Waikato NZ. For years, thousands of New Zealand children suffered atrocities akin to our indigenous counterparts with no escape. Their experience was not at the hands of the government however, it was instead at the hands of one of the most trusted organisations in the “Pacific” and by men and women wearing the cloth of the church and appointed to care for each child under their banner.

Since the release, I have signed on with a distribution company in Queensland along with the international distribution company Ingram spark. Since the launch date and with support from my publications manager we have pitched the story hoping for a chance to take my story to the next level.

I have learned over the past year that breaking the walls down and selling what I truly believe would be a world-class movie needed to be told has been anything but positive. I would hope you would consider taking the time to view my pitch at the following link…


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