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Shirley McLain

1 year ago

The Maid of Bitmore Swamp


The Witch of Bitmore Swamp, Bethelda Nightshade, fled home at age fourteen to live in the swamp. She used black magic to do evil and swindle men. She raised a daughter to replace her, but at age seventeen her daughter, Anya, rebelled. Bethelda came from the village of Candlewick, and she returned there because she needed help. Evil can choose to be good if the cost is great enough. The witch of Bitmore Swamp was vile and dirty, living in a cave practicing black magic. She amassed a fortune by cheating and applying her skill for anyone who had the money to pay her. Follow the witch as she tries to turn her life around for the sake of a rebelling teenage daughter. Follow Bethelda as she deals with her daughter, dreams of her future, and preserving her life. This Fantasy is book #2 of the Witches and Dragon series. Book 1 is Princess Adele's Dragon, and both Kindle books are on Amazon.



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