Diane Guntrip

1 year ago

Dear H


Twelve year old Amanda describes herself in her diary as being 'fat and frumpy'.  She has to contend with bullying on a daily basis, from the 'ice-cold and calculating' Cassandra and her gang. She spends her days at St Ursula's College  frightened, lonely, depressed and suffering from low self-esteem and body image problems.  Home is not much better as her parents are too involved with their working lives She has no one she can share her problems with except for her imaginary friend who she calls, 'H'.

However, Amanda has a secret. With this, is she able to achieve her ambition?

Read  Amanda's empowering diary to find out all about her secret and follow her journey from 'poor little rich girl' to realising her dreams.

Essential reading! Available in print and as an e-book.



Middle Grade

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