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Wallace Briggs

8 months ago

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey


Ridiculed by the neighbourhood children because he looks different, Jimmy runs away to escape the bullies. He leaves his loving guardian, Aunt Ethel. In the dark forest, he stumbles and falls, emerging in a magical underground world: Roombelow.

Jimmy rescues the town from the curse of a sleeping spell and is ‘adopted’ by Mr McDonald, the Mayor. Witch Matilda and Gemma, the little lady who lives at the bottom of the well, but doesn’t know how she got there, become Jimmy’s best friends. Witch Matilda is head of the four witch guardians of Earth’s realms.

When Roombelow is in danger of flooding, Jimmy locates the sleeping Weather Man and turns off the torrent.

Then the well in Roombelow dries up. Jimmy and Gemma find the cause and return a giant eel to its home in the sea.

Jimmy returns to visit Aunt Ethel, who explains that Jimmy is an orphan from the starworld of Attalia. He could return to Atallia but chooses to stay in Roombelow.

Now the hero of Roombelow, Jimmy battles with Erg, the chief troll, and ends up in a cliff-side world where he discovers the Diamonites living in Lithnia, who look very much like Gemma.

Gemma is taken back to meet her family in lithnia but is kidnapped by the Traders. With the assistance of Witch Ira, Jimmy sets sail on a rescue. Gemma stays with her family while Jimmy returns to Roombelow.

Then Jimmy decides to visit his birthplace - star world Attalia. The hidden starship automatically heads homeward, but on the way, the ship is attacked and destroyed by enemy forces. The Attalian Rescuers pluck Jimmy to safety, and Commander Zaru befriends him. On Attalia, Jimmy discovers he has no living relatives, and President Alpha invites him to stay as his guest.

Kursh attacks, and there follows a war waged with missiles, lasers and force fields. The Attalian forces succeed in thwarting the onslaught.

Jimmy plans the destruction of the time warp to close the portal between Ock and Attalia. Once continued peace is assured, Jimmy returns to his family of friends in Roombelow, where he is a hero with four witch friends: the guardians of Earth’s realms.



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