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J W Nelson

5 months ago

Pentagon Pirate Gang; The Secret of the Orchard


Do you want know the secrets of the Orchard?

Five students enter a summer camp in the middle of the deep wooded Sherwood Forest at the School of Fruit Teaching, to find the answer. What they find will change their lives forever, as they pit their wits against the spiteful and vicious head mistress Mrs. Blackfruit and her right-hand man the deputy head, Mr. Thornby.

Their adventure and investigation, with help from a couple of the teachers, leads them to learn a very powerful, mysterious secret buried in the first orchard, that the headmistress and her deputy have tried for decades to hide.

They think that’s enough – but no. An event that occurred fifty years, ago that summer, has returned to affect what is happening at the school, the children and to everyone involved, including their parents.

How will the newly formed Pentagon Pirate Gang cope with the challenges? And what will become of them when the tables are turned…


Teen and Young Adult

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