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by Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu


(A good story with dialogues)
Language: English, Pages : 197
Paperback ISBN : 9789356399815

Paperback: $30.54


Publisher:Alpha Edition

Publication date:06/02/2022


Product dimensions:8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.42(d)


SYNOPSIS There are two Stories. One Big Movie can be taken OR Two Movies as Part I and Part II could be made as Movies with a big budget. One is the Battle War at the Planet between the evil King Kong Raj and the True Hero Vishal. STORY-LINE SYNOPSIS (Fiction and Paranormal story.) PART- I An evil "King Kong Raj" who rules in a planet called "King Kong Raj Planet". He troubles and tortures all the people in his planet and robs all their gold, jewellery and diamonds. People of that Planet fed-up with his rule. The Kings hefty soldiers and army rapes women, enjoys, robs and even destroys their properties. The battle is through Sword Fights, Dagger Fights, Arrow Fights and Fights with Maya (Illusion) and with the BING THING too. In the long "save our souls" battle at the evil King's Planet, the evil King Kong Raj ultimately gets defeated and dies. The True Hero Vishal also gets severely injured and dies. Vishal takes rebirth on the Earth as per the blessings of all the Maharshis, Rushis, Queen's Angels and the Sun God. It's a Hollywood style movie story. PART II Vishals takes birth again on Earth. The story of Vishal starts from his childhood and he becomes Physician and a Doctor in a family. Other ingredients like Scientific, horror, thriller, death, rebirth, ghosts, aghoras and some sort of entertainment from ghosts, as all ghosts play a vital role in this story. Scientist Shyam invents a formula medicine. If this medicine as per dose, injects to an immediately dead person, such dead person slowly becomes alive. There are scenes like club, pubs, Casanova, horse races, gambling places, hotel scenes, where these ghosts, devils and Satans make nuisance and create trouble to all the people. This story is thrilling and interesting, suspense and entertainment. The story moves fast. The entire story moves in a thrilling way. The Ghosts play all its tricks, gimmicks, mantra tantra tactics and bring lots of money to DR. Vishal's house. Some Ghosts trouble many people with a view to rob money. There are scenes like Souls" World and Entertainment.


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