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Education for Women


Education for Women

Women have come a long way to achieve empowerment through education. In the initial stages, it was an uphill battle for them to be recognized as good enough to compete with their male counterparts.

Now that they have shown their mettle in every aspect of educational excellence, I must say that women are taken to be equal partners to build world economies and be leaders in their chosen professions.

They have earned the respect as a gender who can counter challenges, and at the same time continue in the pro-creation of mankind.

Women now juggle their duties as moms, wives, co-workers, and friends, and still stand out as the person most needed in a relationship. They nurture heart and soul in everything they do.

There is an in-built strength surrounding women. They have the resources needed to build better lives for those around them.

Women who are educated are healthier and contribute to healthy lives. They are more productive and learn to participate in societal needs for the betterment of a country as a whole. They are more inclined to racial integration and teach their young how to nurture and fulfill their dreams.

Education broadens minds.

So, here's to women who have empowered themselves with knowledge by creating a more literate society in their communities and the world over.

Happy International Women's Day. Read the full post: Shobana's Musings:

Shobana Gomes

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