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J W Nelson

5 months ago   -   1 min read

‘There is Great Power in Humble Fruit’


Imagine the stage. Your children go away to a school in the middle of Sherwood Forest. The same place that the infamous Robin Hood plundered. The school is surrounded by Orchards. Yet these are not any normal orchard, with anything but normal fruit, hanging from the intelligent trees. They hide secrets. Powerful life changing secrets that two of the teachers are desperate to hide. 

Five young students go on a journey to find out what those secrets are. Encouraged by their parents who quietly pack notebooks that have vital clues to what they could be looking for and what those pesky teachers are trying to hide. However their investigation, puts them in danger as the battle commences. 

Coupled with a fifty year old occurrence, that seems to be returning, adds further anxiety and fear to the already fraught mix of emotions experienced by all involved. These young students soon learn that there is indeed ‘ Great power in humble fruit’ as their lives will change more than they could have ever imagined…

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Or here - https://thebookcommentary.com/review-preview/906/pentagon-pirate-gang:-the-secret-of-the-orchard


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J W Nelson


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