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Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout

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What would have been the reason for building the temple?


Temples were built thousands of years ago. What would have been the reason for building the temple? Why would we need Why in our history of temples such temples were built which took decades to build. The temple was built to get divine power in the form of intensity. Think of it as a use, just as a cellphone is needed to catch the Southwest, similarly divine power is needed to catch it in its national intensity Power full tour which is a temple, in a way, a powerful tool made for use 'em, which temple is this? There is no need to leave that self by which we will become human. This world became equal to this evidence and to establish connection with other dimensions in the universe, our ancestors not only established divine structures in the temples, but which secret ie life was also established in them. Does prana prestige mean that idols are not known to be known, then they are revered like prana energy.

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Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout


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