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Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout

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How to sell your business?


“How to sell your business?” is a book, which reveals all the stages through which an owner has to go through when he decides to find a buyer for his business. The emphasis is on on-going business. Not on selling assets. The book is written based on over 15 years’ experience of the author in the field of mergers and acquisitions. As a result the book is not so much a textbook on the subject but it is full of practical cases which every entrepreneur might encounter.

You will not find information and advice how the big deals. which the press writes about, are conducted. Instead the described stages and advice are typical for every owner of a family business. This might be a company with 5 mill dollars sales but it can be a company with 200 mill dollars sales. The key is how the business is managed. This will determine the specifics of the M&A process.

“How to sell your business” will help you not only to sell your company but there is also a special section on buying other business. If a family owner decides to take such step it can be costly and that’s why it will be wise to be prepared for such important step. The book will not make you an M&A expert but will give you enough foundation so that you can save a lot of money from consultants and also feel comfortable in such talks.

The main topics which are covered in the book are:

1. When and why to sell your business?

2. Steps in the process of selling a company

3. Types of potential buyers

4. How to prepare my company for a sale?

5. What is the value of my business?

6. Structuring the deal

7. Due diligence

8. Integration of a new company

9. How to buy a new business

10. What to do with the money from the sale of the business?


Kaloian Kirilov

Kaloian (Kal) Kirilov is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. He completed his MBA with full scholarship from GVSU, USA, where he worked for the Small Business development center (SBDC) and also for Merrill Lynch. After his return to Bulgaria, he worked for a while in a bank and after that in 2005 set up an own M&A advisory firm, Synergy Group. Mr. Kirilov participated in a lot of M&A deals in his 15 years of consulting experience. He also did management consulting and strategy projects for his clients. The last five years Kal Kirilov developed two own startups so he know what it is to be an entrepreneur from first-hand experience. Mr. Kirilov is also an author of two books about startups which were published in several countries and a book about succession planning.


Professor Sanjay Rout

Professor Sanjay Rout is an global eminent think tank working on Psychology, Innovation ,technology, research, business solutions, Coaching, Author,Law , Advisory,Knowledgeable management arena. Currently working as an CEO of Innovation Solution Lab.

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Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout


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